Niagara Falls Strategy Roadmap

Buffalo Moose Group worked with leaders in Niagara Falls in 2020-2021 to create a roadmap strategy to move the Niagara Falls Local Food Action Plan forward. We understand and embrace the value of difference, making use of each individual or organization’s strengths, and that much is gained through collaboration.  We understand that many organizations have suffered from a lack of investment from those in positions of power.  Together, we help clients to move into strength and gain the support they deserve. For this project, Gamileh Jamil and Heidi Romer joined the team to insure we were bringing a wide range of experience and expertise to the table.

Executive Summary from the Roadmap:

Food is a natural convener of people – family, friends, welcome guests, and new ideas – so should an organization rooted in food access.

The Niagara Falls Food Action Roadmap calls for the work to be a relevant celebration and opportunity – of strength rather than poverty. Since 2009, when the Niagara Falls residents began its investigation into quality of life, health, and safety, the need to improve health outcomes for residents has become clear. Thanks to the work of the Local Food Action Plan, channels to support improved health have now been identified, and this roadmap for the development of a new and sustainable organization dedicated to improving food access is taking shape for the benefit of all Niagara Falls residents.

Download the Strategy Roadmap here.

Now, residents of Niagara Falls, New York, are mobilizing to create a robust and healthy community through the vital source of food. Today we see an opportunity to secure the strength of our community, allowing food to be the catalyst for growth it is, but not just for healthy bodies. We see the potential for food to have a positive impact on economic development, community, good health, learning, growth, and great conversation. This roadmap is focused on activating the talents and resources of our region to create change around food in Niagara Falls. From this inquiry we see opportunities for small-business development, entrepreneurship, neighbors helping neighbors, increased equity around how food resources are distributed, and the natural creativity and vibrance of a healthy and intact community. We see the opportunity to achieve balance through food justice and access, and in the process begin to restore trust in our community.

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