BMG-logo-box-tall-blackV2-01Why Buffalo Moose Group?

Your work in the community is so important. You devote your life to doing the work of your mission.

You often don’t have the time to communicate your value and accomplishments.

You and your team are absorbed in the day to day. Buffalo Moose Group can pull out the most important pieces of your work in order to broaden your reach.

Buffalo Moose Group prioritizes a small client base so that founder, Cynnie Gaasch may maintain all client relationships. We only work with clients that are mission aligned. Those working with youth, social justice, in the arts, and human services.

Your team does not need more clutter or added stress. Buffalo Moose Group prioritizes “right sizing.” We allow time for methodical growth. We practice careful communications and expectations. We are looking for a healthy supportive community and will support you in developing yours. In other words: you will not hear from us multiple times a day, and we will not expect to hear from you more than you can manage. Please do not check on projects with us on your way to another meeting. Do it when you are comfortable, at your desk, and ready to breathe.

Buffalo Moose Group clients can be assured that each project is cared for by Gaasch, a strategic and experienced executive, prioritizing methodical, clear, and effective communications.

You need tools to help you build your capacity with vision, embracing your core values. Whether it be capacity building work or a well organized strategic plan, Buffalo Moose Group helps you to be ready for appropriate, thoughtful growth. It may not be serve more. It could be serve stronger for your clients. For your staff, it might be work smarter.

In 2018, through August, Buffalo Moose Group has secured funding for 98% of funds requested on behalf of our clients. 100% of proposals have been funded, or funders have invited a revised ask. With a variety of client relationships, $384,000 of funds have been raised with six requests to Buffalo based, private funders. $185,200 came from local sources that had never previously supported our clients.

Founded in 2017 and based on over 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and in communications, Buffalo Moose Group’s grant writing success is well proven. Those who have worked with Gaasch frequently say things like “Cynnie is the best grant writer in Buffalo.” Certainly, quality writing is important, but so is understanding how to plan and cost out a project, and how to ask the right questions of both her clients and funders in order to create those “winning” proposals.

Buffalo Moose Group’s goal is always to leave clients with stronger capacity for accomplishing their mission. With this in mind, with all clients, Gaasch reviews New York State compliance, bylaws, policies and procedures to be sure partners are operating with best practices and in alignment within State and Federal standards.

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